Monday, September 05, 2005

My Fantasy Hockey Team

I'm in a 20 team (yes that's right 20 teams) fantasy hockey league of only Ranger fans. Last night we had the draft and here's my team. It's not the best but it's not bad either considering the amount of teams and the amount of players per team.

C - S. Fedorov
C - D. Briere
C - B. Holik
LW - O. Kvasha
LW - J. Blake
LW - M. Gelinas
RW - V. Bure
RW - P. Sykora
RW - M. Parrish
D - S. Niedermayer
D - T. Kaberle
D - I. Ulanov
D - K. Rachunek
D - R. Suchy
D - F. Bouillon
BN - J. Madden
BN - M. Lapointe
BN - M. Nilson
G - M. Brodeur
G - J. Markkanen
BN - C. Huet

Obviously I'm happy about Brodeur/Markkanen as my goalies, they should help me out a lot. What I'm missing up front is a true offensive punch. I've got a bunch of good role players who will put up 60 points a year, but no Iginla/Naslund type. Scott Niedermayer is nice on the point as well. I expect this to be a middle of the road team.

And can you believe as a Ranger fan I have three Fishsticks on my team?