Monday, September 05, 2005

My Fantasy Hockey Team

I'm in a 20 team (yes that's right 20 teams) fantasy hockey league of only Ranger fans. Last night we had the draft and here's my team. It's not the best but it's not bad either considering the amount of teams and the amount of players per team.

C - S. Fedorov
C - D. Briere
C - B. Holik
LW - O. Kvasha
LW - J. Blake
LW - M. Gelinas
RW - V. Bure
RW - P. Sykora
RW - M. Parrish
D - S. Niedermayer
D - T. Kaberle
D - I. Ulanov
D - K. Rachunek
D - R. Suchy
D - F. Bouillon
BN - J. Madden
BN - M. Lapointe
BN - M. Nilson
G - M. Brodeur
G - J. Markkanen
BN - C. Huet

Obviously I'm happy about Brodeur/Markkanen as my goalies, they should help me out a lot. What I'm missing up front is a true offensive punch. I've got a bunch of good role players who will put up 60 points a year, but no Iginla/Naslund type. Scott Niedermayer is nice on the point as well. I expect this to be a middle of the road team.

And can you believe as a Ranger fan I have three Fishsticks on my team?

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Carnival of the NHL #7

Welcome to Carnival of the NHL #7. In this week’s edition, we look at three teams in the East, Pavel Datsyuk, Doug Harvey and a lot more. But we start with the top news story in America. (The wording of this intro was heavily borrowed from PTI)
John at BoltsMag went off-topic a few days ago to blog about the coming wrath of Katrina, and now we have seen it. Thousands are feared dead and New Orleans is basically gone. If you have a few bucks to spare, send $5 to the Red Cross or some other organization. If we all just chip in a few dollars, we can make a world of difference.

John is not abandoning NHL blogging all together. He wishes the Tampa Bay Lightning would redo their website. I’ve previously written about how the NHL is severely lacking in the online world. If you want to see what a great online strategy is all about, check out The team websites are run by Major League Baseball Advanced Media (which the teams initially invested in but now makes a profit) and subscribers can watch nearly every baseball game live. For me, a Mariners fan living in New York, it is perfect. I’m happy that OLN and the NHL are partnering to stream some games in the coming years, but there is a long way to go.

John is also upset about ridiculous trade rumors that people come up with and he’s not alone. J.J. from Canucks Corner can’t stand that there seems to be no thought by the John Doe that comes up with these things. Personally, I can’t stand trade rumors. Real leaks are one thing, but what a radio host thinks should happen is something I don’t need to waste my time with.

J.J. also has two posts on Matt Cooke and the progress of his negotiations with the Canucks.

Mr. Ben Wright over at The Net Files gets the next slot because he was the first one to send in a submission. He’s taking another side of the signings debate and thinks that revenue across the league will go up. He looks at a number of markets and really believes things are looking up for the NHL. I hope he’s right.

I think one of the biggest stories not being talked about enough is Pavel Datsyuk, Henrik Zetterberg and their lack of contracts with the Wings. Matt at On the Wings has a post on the lack of progress with the two players. But wait, today Matt posts that there is some good news on the Datsyuk front.

Next up is the Big Papi of the NHL Carnival, Eric McErlain. He even wrote his own intro and since he put that kind of effort in, I think I need to post it. (Especially since he’s the one who rewarded me with this Carnival): Earlier this week, both EJ Hradek and John Buccigross of jumped ugly with USA Hockey after the coach of the women's squad, Ben Smith, left 1998 Olympic heroine Cammi Granato off the roster for the team's pre-Olympic tour. Eric McErlain wondered what all the fuss was about in What Would Herb Brooks Do?

We have two posts on the Buffalo Sabres from two different bloggers. Tom at Sabre Rattling is impressed by the job Tom Golisano has done with the team and Lindsey examines the state of the team and some of the criticism GM Darcy Regier has endured.

Jes Golbez has a monster post on the Carolina Hurricanes, looking at attendance, standings, coaching, cap space and the depth chart. I don’t know much about the Canes but I liked Peter Laviolette when he on Long Island, despite my being a die-hard Ranger fan. I also never realized how good of a backup Martin Gerber was. He posted a .918 SV% last season, along with a 2.26GAA.

The Puck Stops Here looks at the great career of Doug Harvey, and how it’s hard to prove it through numbers. I love using statistics in baseball but they do not have nearly the relevance in hockey, especially for more defensive players.

Spector examines the activity over the summer and comes away with one conclusion: “Same as it ever was, same as it ever was...” I have to agree. I hope revenues rise so that these deals don’t look foolish, but I’m not so sure. Sometimes I wonder if GM’s learned anything. If you are still confused about the cap and how injuries relates to it, Tom Benjamin has a good post on the matter.

Can you believe Peter Bondra is a hot name in the free agent market? Either can Chris at Hockey Country.

Jon from Sharkspage posts about a four team rookie tournament going on out west. You can buy tickets if you are in San Jose.

And finally we have David from the Ice Block posting about OLN. I like his blog but he is going to get ribbed here (in a very joking way), for sending in this post just twenty five minutes before the deadline.

Whew, was that fun. I would love to do that again sometime down the road. If there are any problems with the post, just drop me a note in the comments.