Monday, August 01, 2005

Why Is Great and Is Not

If you have never been to then you really need to check it out. It is not just the best site run by a sports league, it is one of the best sports webpages on the internet, period. The fact that I can get live TV/radio of nearly every game is something I long for with hockey. But there is a lot of stuff under the surface too. I can access video of every triple Ichiro has hit this year on the road. Or every double play he has hit into. Now of course this is because the sport of baseball naturally lends itself to these kinds of features, but it is also because Major League Baseball tries hard to make its online presence work. is actually run by MLB Advanced Media, a separate company devoted solely to the website and establishing baseball on the internet.

The reason I bring this up tonight is because Barry Bonds has said that he will not be returning to the field this season. Did he tell it to ESPN? Fox Sports? The Giants? No. Only to That is where he went to tell the news. tries to draw fans in, and is not just one big commercial for the league. When I want to get news on hockey do I go to Of course not. I go to TSN. If I want news on baseball, I go straight to The NHL would be wise to learn some lessons from Major League Baseball.