Wednesday, August 24, 2005

St. Louis and Elias Sign

I'm on my way out but I wanted to quickly post my thoughts on today's transactions. Martin St. Louis is heading back to Tampa, signing a six year deal worth $5.25 million a season. I really like St. Louis, I think he is an excellent player, and the money is good. But six years? How can you possibly sign a player for six years? In today's economic environment with the new CBA, signing someone who is coming off an MVP season but is 30 years old to a six year deal is cap suicide. This CBA could be over in four years; signing someone to a six year deal is just plain dumb. The only person I would sign to a six year deal is Wayne Gretzky in his prime.

Patrik Elias signed the Devils qualifying offer for a one year deal worth $4.18 million. Elias has Hepatitis and as TSN is reporting, his contract will not count against the cap until he returns to the lineup. But the Devils are still way over the cap. (TSN says $5 million, woah)

Stats for 2003-2004:
St. Louis: 82GP - 38 - 56 - 94 with a +35
Elias: 82GP - 38 - 43 - 81 with a +26 (Can you believe he was not an All-Star last year with those kind of numbers?)