Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Pronger Trade

The big news of the morning is obviously Chris Pronger being shipped to the Oilers for Eric Brewer, Doug Lynch and Jeff Woywitka. Pronger and the Oilers have agreed on a five year contract at $6.25 million per season.

This is a deal that works out well for both sides. The Oilers get an amazing defenseman who is truly an "impact player." They gave up some depth, but none of the three were ever going to come close to being a Chris Pronger. The Blues on the other hand get rid of a player they could never afford in the first place and pick up three defenseman. Lynch and Woywitka could be solid everyday blueliners and Brewer has already been to an All-Star game.

I'm sure there are Blues fans upset about the trade, but this is how a salary cap environment works. It will not always be this way where teams will give up a Pronger for this little, but the Blues were in awful cap position when this offseason started. It will hurt this year, but this is a great deal for the Blues.

The key to this deal is the contract extension the Oilers got from Pronger. If they only got him for one year, this deal would be useless. But Pronger is 30 and signing him to a five year deal is perfect for a player of his calibur. $6.25 million a season might be high for Edmonton but it's not a ridiculous price for Pronger. This is going to be an exciting NHL season.

Edit: (1:01PM) - Removed the Edmonton Sun link, as it stated the deal was for $6 million per, when it is really $6.25.