Saturday, August 20, 2005

New Team Canada Jerseys

Take a look. What's up with those socks? They've got to go.

There's also a press release to go with the pictures. These jerseys, which will be worn at the Olympics this year, are "Nike Swift" uniforms and are supposed to be lighter. According to Nike, players can move faster compared to standard jerseys/socks. You can check out the press release for all the benefits. Despite those ugly socks, I actually would like to play with this uniform and really see if it's as good as Nike says it is.

Edit: Tom Benjamin is reporting that players like the jerseys but they have a serious problem: when you fall, you slide. Kirk Maltby compares them to ski pants. So why can't Nike just use the old material of socks with the new material of the jerseys. I've been playing hockey my whole life and I think current hockey socks are perfectly fine.