Monday, August 15, 2005

LeClair to Pittsburgh

The Penguins sure are a different team after a flurry of signings this off-season. Today, Pittsburgh added John LeClair with a two year deal. Don't expect LeClair to be a first line player on the new look Pens. Too many people are still saying John has a lot left in the tank. I've always liked the guy but he has had serious back trouble and had another surgery during the lockout. He's only played 208 games over the last 4 seasons and notched 146 points in that time. I would consider him playing above expectations if he hits 50 points this season (assuming he does not play with Lemieux).

I've looked around and the terms of this deal have not come out yet. If the Pens paid more than $2 million for an injury prone 36 year old, then they are only hurting themselves while there are better players on the market. But as a pure low budget depth signing, this is not a bad move. He adds character, grit, and can help this team.

James Mirtle has last year's and this year's Pens depth chart for comparison.