Monday, August 01, 2005

Is the NHL-IIHF Transfer Deal Dead?

There are reports coming out of Russia this morning that all the GM's of the Russian Superleague voted against the NHL-IIHF Transfer Agreement. This deal was reported done by TSN and many other sources over a week ago. Now, there could be a problem with players that belong to NHL clubs but also are under contract for next season with a club in Europe. I'm not sure exactly how all this will play out or what the actual impact will be, but I will update this post throughout the day.

Update (4:44PM) - The deal is not completely dead. The Russian GM's did vote against the agreement but the IIHF is still trying to figure out how to smooth this all out. Hopefully it will be worked out soon, but this is a major snag for teams wanting their European players for the upcoming season.

Update (6:03PM) - We finally have a wire piece on the story. Just for the record, I used the word "snag" in my update above before I read the article.