Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Hossa for Heatley?

I was about to post news of the Sens signing Hossa for $18 million over 3 years when I see the big news on TSN: Danny Heatley heading to Ottawa in return for Marian Hossa. To me, this is bigger news than the Forsberg signing. The Senators are sending a D-Man to Atlanta as well. I'm hearing it's De Vries and that Atlanta is sending back a first round pick. Check out Chris at Hockey Country for continuing updates and a look at this from the perspective of a Sens fan.

Hossa is slightly better right now but I have always been a Heatley fan and I'll stick by him. He's two years younger and has the potential to be a better player. The first round pick is great news for Sens fans because it does not look likely that Atlanta will be a top team.

The biggest question mark here is Ilya Kovalchuk. He remains unsigned and is good friends with Danny. He has said that he does not want to negotiate until the Heatley situation is cleared up. Will this stop him from returning to the Thrashers?

Edit (5:27PM) - Fan 590 out of Toronto is reporting that Heatley and the Sens have reached a deal on a contract. It is going to be so weird to see Danny Heatley in a Sens uniform but I think he will have a great year.

Also, if you are asking yourself why Atlanta did this, there are rumors that Heatley wanted out of the Thrasher orginization so he could have a fresh start. I'm sure the accident has a lot to do with that.