Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Five Questions To Ponder

There was a lot of activity around the NHL today, and it left me pondering five questions.
  1. Will the Flyers Win The Cup? The Flyers certainly have the raw talent to go all the way, if Carter and Richards live up to the hype. Forsberg is an amazing talent and should continue to excel. The problem is the Flyers overpaid for Hatcher, who I don't think will be very good this year. If the team doesn't click and a key player or two goes down, the Flyers will be going nowhere fast. On the other hand, if anyone can bring a team together, it's Ken Hitchcock. I'm trying to say people should not annoint the Flyers champions before they have a chance to play a game. I wouldn't put my money on them.
  2. Is Jeremy Roenick the coolest player in the NHL? Roenick took a lot of flak for his comments as the lockout was winding down, but I've always liked him. He isn't afraid to say what's on his mind and in today's politically correct world, I respect that. I remember a few years ago seeing a video of him jokingly ribbing on a couple that was making out during warmups. I like that. Anway, the reason I bring this up is because he said this on his near certain departure because of the Forsberg signing. ''The Flyers have a better chance of winning the Stanley Cup with Peter Forsberg than with Jeremy Roenick." A lot of guys wouldn't have been able to say that. Good luck JR.
  3. What happened with Mike Modano? TSN is reporting that Modano will finish his career in Dallas, as him and the Stars have reached an agreement. First, there were reports he was going to Boston. Then, he was staying in Dallas. But then all got quiet and it seemed Boston raised their offer. Modano's agent said he expected his client to play for less to stay in Dallas, but not $9 million less, and that is why he reconsidered Boston. But I guess Dallas raised their offer, but the final totals don't seem like they raised it that much. Confused? You're not the only one. I would love to hear the inside story of this some day; it sounds like an interesting tale.
  4. What are the Canadiens doing? I thought Bob Gainey was a good GM. Montreal signed Alexei Kovalev to a contract worth $4.5 million over four years. Peter Forsberg got $5.7 million a year. That might be a slight discount to play for Philly. So say Gainey has to offer Forsberg $6.25-$6.4 million a year to lure him to Montreal. What team in their right mind would not pay an extra $1.5-$1.8 million to upgrade ffrom a Kovalev to a Forsberg. None. Or at least, none should.
  5. Will Glen Sather ever learn? I think not. I know the Rangers are supposed to be in rebuilding mode, but they are going to have a payroll of less than $31 million if they keep this up. They have the money, why not spend it? Spending money doesn't have to mean benching young players. Good teams know how to have good veterans and a young core. That is how other teams win. But no, the Rangers can't do anything right. First, they overspend on veterans getting them nowhere. Now, they don't spend enough, especially given the fact that this year Jagr is only costing them $4.4 million. Straka for $3 million? Give me a break. He is as injury plagued as they come. Their only hope is to sign Paul Kariya because they need another impact player, but I doubt that will happen.