Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Final Word On The NHL-IIHF Agreement

The whole process of the NHL-IIHF transfer agreement is finally over. The Czechs are in but the Russians are not. I reported a little while ago that I thought the Russians would do it because if they did not, they would be without compensation at all. Russian labor law allows a worker to quit any job as long as they give two weeks notice.

Pittsburgh is already working on bringing Malkin here using this "loophole." It is the same way the Blue Jackets got Zherdev. (see note below) Now, the Pens are not required to give any money to Malkin's Russian club, which is great news for their franchise. I see no reason why Malkin won't be in a Penguin uniform this year, unless him and the Pens have contract issues.

As plenty of people have said, it's quite sad that Russia thinks they are better than everyone else, that this deal isn't fair even though every other IIHF country believes it is fair. I wonder if they can still opt into the deal later

Edit: It seems the Jackets did pay a fee for Zherdev. I had heard differently.