Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Ducks Making Cap Room

In an effort to get under the cap before the start of the season, the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim sent Steve Rucchin to the Rangers for Trevor Gillies and a pick in the 2007 draft. The Ducks had to get rid of someone, and while I thought it would be Sykora, Rucchin works too. He's going to be a UFA after this season and is making $2.26 million.

The Ducks basically got nothing in return for a second line center because they are in cap trouble, and when you get into trouble, no GM is going to give up much to help you out. It's probably why Rucchin was moved instead of Sykora. Burke would have wanted a nice return for Sykora but no GM would give it. So he parted with Rucchin for a minimal return, which is easier to swallow than for a player like Sykora.

If you go to TSN, it looks like the Ducks are fine under the cap. But they still need to move someone. With a 22 man roster, the Ducks will be about 400-600K over. Look for them to make another move in the near future. And if they do decide to move Sykora, they will be able to get a decent return because they are not in serious cap trouble anymore, just minor trouble.

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