Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Details on Cable Deal

Though this was on the blog over a week ago, more details are emerging on the cable deal with Comcast. This looks like a very nice deal for the league.

Comcast has formally submitted a two-year bid in excess of $100 million US to televise NHL games beginning this fall, sources directly involved in the discussions told the Inquirer in Tuesday's edition.

The deal calls for Comcast to televise two games a week nationally. The cable giant plans to put the games on its on its Outdoor Life Network, which is also available in Canada.

Two games a week isn't bad. According to the article, ESPN has the right to match this offer. But with Comcast putting up $100 million, I don't think there is any chance they will. I've said all along that Comcast was not my first choice because of how many less households get it. However, it looks like they are committed to taking on ESPN and putting hockey on their channel is a major component of that. That's great news for hockey fans.