Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Cap Management

Jes Golbez discuses a letter from Capitals owner Ted Leonsis and breaks down exactly how cap management should work. I read this post and knew I had to link to it. Check it out.

Our belief is that the new collective bargaining agreement will reward teams that draft well and have prospects stockpiled within their system. This summer, most of the unrestricted free agents are aged 31 and older, just as they were under the old CBA. Many 31-year-old players have already had their best years for another club. In signing such players teams are too frequently paying them for what they have already done for another club rather than what they will be doing for your club.


It's just quite refreshing and interesting to hear an NHL team lay out their plan in such plain view with a dose of common sense. I can see why the Toronto Maple Leafs wouldn't want to do anything like this (imagine the media and the fans ripping everything to shreds), but it pays for a small market/revenue team like the Caps to be more open and honest with their fanbase.