Thursday, July 28, 2005

Who is Jack Johnson?

One of my favorite players of all-time is long time Ranger and great American defenseman Brian Leetch. While a different type of player, Jack Johnson hopes to replicate Leetch's success in the NHL. There has not been much talk about Johnson, which is why I'm glad to see Scott Burnside's piece on ESPN today on the young D-man.

But within the great shadow cast by the Canadian phenom, there are players whose NHL futures are every bit as rosy as Crosby's. One of them is American defenseman Jack Johnson, who has been a close friend of Crosby's since the two were young high schoolers in Minnesota and who has been visiting Crosby in his hometown of Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia, leading up to the draft.

Do the two of them get recognized when they're at the local Tim Hortons coffee shop?

Johnson laughs.

"Everywhere we go, stopping in at Tim's to get a coffee, someone's always stopping him to ask for his autograph," he said. "I'm just the guy next to him."

Check it out if you want to learn more about the young man who should go #2 overall on Saturday.