Sunday, July 24, 2005

What Will Your Team Do For You?

The Los Angeles Times has an article in today's paper about what teams are doing for fans to lure them back. A lot of teams will be offering some sort of price cut and/or ticket promotion to get people back to the arena. This is a smart move by the owners. Hockey is a great sport to watch live and with the new rule changes, I think fans will be very impressed with the on ice product. But they need a reason to get to the rink, and cheaper tickets is a big one. Plus, getting fans in the arena still yields a lot of money from overpriced concessions.

Columbus, Minnesota, Vancouver, Calgary and the Islanders are among the other teams that have already announced cuts in season-ticket prices, although none of those approach the 24% rollback in player salaries. Phoenix, however, will give each season-ticket holder two tickets for the price of one.

Wow, that is a nice deal the Coyotes got going on.