Friday, July 22, 2005

Two Shanahan Quotes

Every morning I browse some of the papers from Canada and the U.S., seeing if there is something new and different to post on the blog. (By the way, if you come across an article or a blog post that you think I should put on here, please send it my way. I love feedback.) Well, the Toronto Star has an article this morning that is a pretty standard piece, but there are two Brendan Shanahan quotes that I really like.

"Did we ever go into this thing thinking we were going to like the deal?" said Detroit Red Wings veteran Brendan Shanahan, who took on a prominent role in the talks in the final months. "(After the previous lockout) in 1995, we thought we got killed on the deal, but by 1998, that deal was looking great. So I hope it's the same thing this time around."
That is a very good point that a lot of people have not mentioned. The players all think they lost out huge with this CBA. I disagree. Of course they lost a lot of money; they were vastly overpaid. They used to make 75% of league revenues and that is off the charts. The NFL brings in a ton of money and their players do not get nearly that percentage.

What is important with the new CBA is linkage. Right now, the salary cap is at $39 million. But if hockey revenues get back to $2 billion (which I think they can with a few years of Crosby, rule changes and great hockey), then the cap is going to go up to $43.5 million. That is a very nice figure.

The players are upset because they all got their salaries reduced by 24%. We might think that someone making $2.5 million dollars or $4 million dollars should never be upset with their salary, but anyone losing 24% of their salary is going to take time to come around. But in the long run, I think this new CBA will be great for the league, and not so bad for the players. And check out this second quote below:
"In hockey we've always been a modest group where we don't want to wear microphones, we don't want to let cameras in the dressing rooms, we don't want fans and the media to see us in the highest of our high emotions and the lowest of our low emotions," Shanahan said.

"But that's exactly when they want to see us, not 15 minutes after the game is over and we've already gone into a back room and broken some chairs. They want to see us break the chairs."
For some reason, I just found that last part quite funny. 8:41AM here on the east coast. The countdown begins. Don't forget, I'll be live blogging the press conference and lottery later and would love to have people dropping comments in that thread with your thoughts on the day's happenings.