Sunday, July 24, 2005

Silence, Rumors and Scarlett Johansson

So the buyout period began on Saturday and we've had one measly piece of news: Tony Amonte and John LeClair were bought out by the Flyers. It's almost 5PM here on the east coast and I am assuming there will be no more news today. So teams will have only five days to do all these buyouts. Where is all the activity?

Waiting for Monday morning, at the earliest. A couple of teams have scheduled press conferences for early this week and they will probably make their announcements then. I think teams don't want to jump the gun. Most teams probably already know who they are going to buy out; and the earlier they announce it, the more time it gives their competitors to analyze what they want to do. Waiting until 4:50 on Friday is fine for some of these GM's: it doesn't make a difference to them when everyone finds out about their buyouts, as long as they know what their cap situation is looking like.

Since it has been so quiet this weekend, rumors are floating about. One second, Joe Thornton's agent is looking for him to get out of Boston, the next it looks like Joe will be getting a big paycheck and staying. Then there is the rumor that Belfour is leaving Toronto and signing with the Canucks. I would not put any weight into any of these rumors. In fact, I hate reporting rumors, but I just wanted to point out what silence leads to. I can't wait for actual deals to happen.

I've seen three movies over the past two weekends: Wedding Crashers, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The Island. All good in their own right. Wedding Crashers was hilarious, Charlie was weird but pretty good, and The Island had a disappointing ending but was a very entertaining movie. And Scarlett Johansson is nice on the eyes.

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