Thursday, July 21, 2005

Schedule on Tuesday

The Hockey News buries the news that the NHL will be releasing the schedule for the 2005-2006 season on Tuesday, with a "tentative start-up date" of October 5th.

I heard the press conference today was not very interesting, though some are surprised that Bob Goodenow is staying on as head of the PA. Personally, I find the business of sports and the business of hockey to be fascinating, but I really do not care what happens to Bob Goodenow. Even though I think that a lot of what happened is a result of his stubbornness, I still do not care if he goes or stays.

What I'm excited for is tomorrow. Just a reminder, press conference at 3, followed by the lottery results at 4. We will be finding out about rule changes as well, most likely followed by other information. You can catch it on TSN, a local network, or I will be live blogging the press conference, the draft lottery and the MSG roundtable discussion. I haven't been this excited in a long time. I don't even want to put the words Rangers and Crosby together in the same sentence because I feel I will jinx it. There is all this talk of a fix or that it will be good for him to come to NY; meanwhile us Ranger fans are just as nervous as any other team. Everybody wants to keep their expectations realistic.

If he goes to the Devils, I will flip. I would rather he go to Long Island than the Devils, and this is coming from a hardcore Ranger fan.

Oh, and there will be an accounting firm verifying the lottery procedures tomorrow. So can people stop talking about it being fixed.

Edit: I don't think Goodenow staying or going is that important but I'm in the minority, so if you are interested, here is an article on subject from TSN.