Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Ovechkin Will Play in NHL

There had been some rumors that Alexander Ovechkin, the first overall pick and property of the Washington Capitals, would stay in Russia and get more money. Well, that can all be put to rest. TSN is currently fronting the news that Ovechkin has gotten out of his contract to play in Russia next season and intends to play for the Capitals.

The question now is, will Ovechkin be an impact player in his first year? They have only four players currently signed, so they have money to get some help, but they have nearly $5 million tied up in Kolzig. But if they buyout Kolzig, then they are basically starting a team from scratch, with Ovechkin as the centerpiece. Washington could be a team to watch out for if they buyout Kolzig and go out and just sign, sign, sign with all the FA's on the market. If they decide to be cheap, and fall $6 million+ short of the cap, then I don't think Ovechkin will have a Calder type year. He's not that good ... yet.

Additional Info: Ovechkin's Hockey's Future Page