Saturday, July 23, 2005

Nolan Won't Count Against Cap

There had been talk that Toronto was going to be in big trouble because Owen Nolan finally wanted surgery on his knee and therefore could not be bought out, meaning the Leafs would have a major contract eating their cap space. The Toronto Star is reporting that the NHL will not make Nolan's contract count against the cap.

The NHL has assured the Maple Leafs that if they lose a grievance over their attempts to buy Owen Nolan out of his contract, it will not count against the salary cap for this season.

But that doesn't mean the dispute is over, and there are about 8 million reasons in U.S. funds why that is the case.

Nolan, who injured his right knee 15 months ago, will almost certainly be bought out for $3.8 million — two-thirds of the $5.6 million he was scheduled to make next season — as early as today. But Nolan says he's owed $11.8 million because he's remained hurt since the original injury.
My first reaction is this: If Nolan was hurt for the past year, why did he wait to have surgery until July?