Saturday, July 16, 2005

Lottery Results: Thursday?

Sportsnet is reporting the Board of Governor's Meeting slated to be held next Thursday is also where the lottery for this year's draft will take place. Some people think that this means the results will be fixed and that the Rangers will get the number one pick. As a smart poster on HF Boards pointed out, the NBA holds the picking of the balls in secret as well, but announces the results on TV with those big envelopes. The NHL is not going to be rigging the lottery.

Oh, and I know I am starting off with a lot of business talk, but the next 4-6 weeks is going to be a very exciting time in the front offices of teams around the league. Getting under the cap, buying out deals, signing all of those free agents will have a huge impact on rosters. We'll talk business now, and in a couple of months there will be lots of posts about who in the Eastern Conference has the strongest goaltending, and why a certain team has the tools to make a run at a division title. I can't wait to see the puck dropped and for the season to start, but until then I think all of this business news is quite exciting.