Friday, July 22, 2005

Live-Blogging Today's Events

Stop by and post your thoughts on the press conference and draft lottery as I live-blog the press conference and the draft lottery.

1:56PM - Just over an hour to go until the press conference starts. I'm finishing up my work for the day and then getting ready to watch/blog. The thought of Bettman saying "And the #1 overall pick in the NHL goes to the ... New York Rangers popped into my head for a second. And this huge smile came upon me. And then I thought to myself, "Nah, it's not possible." I'm so nervous. Is he really the future of the NHL?

2:19PM - Jack Johnson seems to be the consensus #2 pick, according to TSN.

2:30PM - Someone on TSN (I don't know who, I had the audio on in the background) just said that he does not want Crosby going to Columbus because he is sick of losing Canadian stars to American outposts. Now I know TSN is appealing to a Canadian audience, but that is just a dumb statement. Crosby going to Columbus or Atlanta could be very good. Columbus has a great young core and averages over 17,000 fans a night. But I don't want to get into arguing Columbus over another city. I just thought that was a ridiculous statement, that somehow Americans don't deserve stars.

2:40PM - On TSN they just mentioned Owen Nolan's injury. I glanced at this earlier but forgot to post. Nolan will probably be having surgery on his knee and will declare this a hockey related injury. Therefore, he cannot be bought out by the Leafs. If the Leafs buy him out anyway, the PA will file a grievance and then there could be even more trouble for the Leafs. The Toronto Star has a good rundown on the matter. This looks like it will be a major problem for the Leafs.

3:00PM - It's time.

3:02PM - The NHL logo I posted below is definitely the logo for the league; it is being used as the background at the hotel where Sam Rosen and Stan Fishler were doing analysis.

3:06PM - JD says "trust him on this one": they are actually going to crack down on obstruction this time and that there will be a lot of penalties early on in 2005 if players don't get it through their heads.

3:10PM - Gary is on. I'm very curious about rule changes.

3:12PM - All 30 teams will be playing on opening night, October 5th. There will be a shootout. No word yet if teams will still get a point for getting into OT. I hope so.

3:16PM - I will post my thoughts later on the rule changes. Briefly, I like the elimination of the two-line pass, the reduction of goalie pads and bringing back tag up offsides.

3:23PM - The one point for a overtime loss is staying in. That makes me very happy. It would have been wrong to have a team play through regulation and overtime, lose in a shootout and not get a single point.

3:41PM - Format for the shootout will be three shooters per team and I'm assuming (since it was not clarified) that if there is no winner after three shooters then there will be a sudden death shootout. And of course, there will be no shootouts in the playoffs.

3:48PM - Press conference is over. Now, where will Crosby go?

4:09PM - Everytime I don't see the Ranger logo I go nuts. And he's not going to Florida or New Jersey which is great news.

4:14PM - There you go, it's not rigged. Rangers get #16.

4:26PM - Congrats Pens.