Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Interesting CBA Details

A few articles from Canadian papers are providing interesting details on the new CBA.

  • Players who currently have contracts will have their salaries averaged if they have multiple years left on their contract.
  • European born players will have two years to sign after they are drafted, which is the same as North American players. It used to be where a team could hold a European player's rights as long as they wanted.
  • If a restricted free agent (RFA) does not re-sign with his team by December 1st, he cannot play in the NHL this season.
  • New contracts will not have performance bonuses built in that are paid by the team. Instead, the NHL will be paying bonuses for the Hart Trophy, Vezina, etc.
  • These bonuses will not count against each team's cap, but they will be factored into the 54 % of all revenues go to players.
  • No workarounds to the $39 million salary cap. A team cannot say to a player (this is the example the article gave) "Buy a house and we will pay you back for it."
Sources: Toronto Star, Toronto Star (Article 2), The Globe and Mail. And thanks to RangerBoy at the HFBoards for the heads up. There is a lot of good stuff here.