Friday, July 22, 2005

Crosby, Rules, Etc

As you all know by know, Sidney Crosby is heading to the Penguins. I hope the ownership there brings in talent to make them a contender. They have less than $6 million in payroll right now tied up in seven players. (Not including Marc-Andre Fleury) If they could spend another $28-30 million to round out the roster, that would be great. The Penguins are going to make a lot of money from just picking Crosby and I hope they spend it wisely and put together a solid roster. A couple more stars besides Lemieux, Recchi and Crosby would be nice. Of course, they also have Marc-Andre Fleury. Hopefully he is ready to be the franchise goalie that everyone expected.

The rule changes look really good. Shootout is not my favorite but it eliminates ties and brings a lot of excitement. Tag up offsides is something I always liked. Goalie equipment reduction is a welcome change. And as I mentioned below, JD says the league is very serious this time about obstruction. I hope that is the case.

I am a Ranger fan and am of course disappointed that with 3 balls in the bucket, we could only muster a #16 pick. But tomorrow I will wake up energized that hockey is back; this should be a great season for our favorite sport.

And again, congrats to the Penguins. At least with the new scheduling format, he will be coming to the Garden four times this season.