Wednesday, July 20, 2005

American Networks Picking Up Lottery

Some local American networks, channels that show hockey games for their respective markets, will be airing the press conference and lottery on Friday. "Nomorekids" over at the HFBoards was watching the Mets game on MSG tonight and said they announced that MSG would be showing the press conference at 3, the lottery at 4 and a roundtable discussion after with JD, Sam and some other people.

Then comes the news from the Avs that Altitude (their local hockey channel) will be airing the events as well. Let's hope that stations around the country follow suit.

Less than 44 hours until we find out where Crosby is heading. Wow, I am excited for things to get rolling.

Edit: ESPNews will be airing the live announcement of the top two picks. Give me a break. They run the same half hour segment over and over again throughout the day. The least they could do is give the NHL twenty minutes to show all the results. Hopefully your local network will be picking it up, or you can tune into for the full results. I like ESPN but this is a joke.