Thursday, July 28, 2005

26 Hours of Buyouts To Go

Buyouts will end at 5PM EST tomorrow and we have barely seen any players given a big check and sent on their way. There are two reasons for this. As I previously mentioned, there is no need for teams to give other teams an advantage by knowing what other unrestricted free agents will be on the market. Buying out someone at the last possible second does no harm to the team getting rid of the player. Also, there just will not be many buyouts. Most GM's and owners feel that buying out a player is a waste of money.

But as a sign to everyone that there will be more buyouts, the Rangers have not even bought out Bobby Holik yet, a transaction that is a near certainty. So I do think we will see at least a little activity tomorrow.

I'm excited for Monday, when we will start to see teams fill out their rosters by signing restricted and unrestricted free agents. Where will Naslund, Forsberg, Kariya, Demitra, Kovy, Niedermayer go?

Until then, there just isn't as much news as I had hoped for. There are a few signings here, a few contract offers there, but nothing major or sustained. And no, I don't consider Goodenow stepping down as big of a deal as everyone else. The leadership of the NHLPA will matter in four years. Until then, I just want to see hockey.